Thursday, March 4, 2010

WEEK 1 Reflection

 Certainly the 1st week of school in RMIT is not the time to be relaxed, slow-mo, enjoying uni scenery...ney...if we compare rmit with how we drive a car, this school always immediately accelerate without bothering to heat up the engine 1st. myb that's just for architecture tho..not sure if it's good for the heart (or the brain) . but sure the stress is piling up !!

suddenly all assignments were given..u go to the library, many books have gone missing - borrowed by fellow labs are lively again (as i was doing summer course, it was rather peaceful n i can have 4 or more PC all for myself). RMIT bookshop is not the best place to shop at this time, u even need to que to GET IN (not to pay...but to get into the shop itself). *_*
Truly man was created very impatient;- Fretful when misfortune touches him; And niggardly when good reaches him;- 70:19-21

yes yes - reflecting...reflecting...

and i'm also reflecting about how we should define a successful or a strong man...just copying from my FB status 

picked this up at archi lib "The tru measure of a man is how he reacts to adversity, not good fortune" - Terry Steer.

yet good fortune is also a form of test

"We will surely test you in your wealth and in yourselves [..] If you are steadfast and beware of Allah, that is the strongest position." 

- sura Ali-Imran: 186

and i want to add more to that:
"the true success is not when u are able to do something successful alone, but when u can make something successful as a team...and the ultimate success is when Allah is well-pleased with us"

team work is not something that are so simple as gathering people to do one requires:
  • patient
  • understanding
  • contribution of idea as well as energy
  • negotiation
  • listening to others opinion
  • able to accept others n learning something new 
  • always remember it not about 'me, me, me' it's about 'us or we'
and that's why Mauro didn't allow us to do things individually... he said something like
by doing this together u shorten the time to process data, but also learn the reality of society...

well something like that.... go TEAMWORK ! :p
salam n adios!

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