Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Salam wbt

it's been long since i've last written in english..now it's the time to practice before i have to write the 3000 words essay for the last symposium.

31st August 2010..nothing change much in the way i celebrate Merdeka...I'm still in front of the computer, like everyone does...right. But sincerely I do not wish to shout out 'Merdeka!' even in my FB status...becoz it just reek of insincerity, immaturity and  pointless - my say. For those who have fought for our country's 'freedom'..million thanks. For you I have lived the way I am living now.

But now, we - as the current generation - also have things we are fighting for - we have to free ourselves from colonization of mind. We are fighting things that are not visibly or physically ferocious...but things that are subconsciously and cruel occupying our mind - thus our behavior, our speech and our act.

Culture has been 'demonized' day after day, we see people deprived of food and faith... the world is turning 'up side down' and people think it is normal.. people who think they are ruler of the world..who forget that the world will come to and end...forget that the AlMighty God will judge them of their own doings...  
nA'uzubillah, Ya Allah, ihdi nas sirootol mustaqim

owh man..i'm starting to blab. I'll stop for now, and insyaAllah, 'll continue when i have the will...

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