Sunday, August 16, 2009

Allahuma Balighna Ramadhan

Salam peeps,

it's ~5 more days to RAMADHAN!
Ya Allah, bring me to this month and grant me all the goodness so that I'll be a better servant for you...Amiiiin.

Ya Allah, xsabar nye!!!! XD

If you think about Ramadhan, it is really amazing month MashaAllah, and it is still amazing even if you don't think about it ~hoho(Hamza Yusuf, reflection on Surah Al- Balad - check Zaytuna Inst)

May Ramadhan be a platform for me and you to change for the better. OOOOHHHHHH! cepat laa Ramadhan ni!

nway, here's kudo from Ramadhan last year's card design...

Should I really explain the butterfly ~
In short - a butterfly struggles out from it cacoon, it may take a long time and with such a tight opening (to the mothers out there, they should know how hard it is to labour). Eventually the fluid in the butterfly's body will be squeezed to the rear - expanding the butterfly's body and wings - and after a long struggle it come out as a beautiful butterfly~TADAA!
if this short explaination doesn't get to your head, then go find a video about the struggle of a butterfly out of the cacoon.
I hope u can self relate this with urself - there's a lot to learm from 'alam.

Last but not least, I'll help UVIC to promote their Eid Card - I know it's a bit TOO early - but the reason they're promoting now is so that they can hv the card printed in 2 weeks - after that u'll have to send it in the cheapest way thru mail which will take about 2 weeks to arrive to international countries- so the timing shud be right - no? So click HERE to order ur cards.
If u strongly feel that this is killing the mood, u shud really learn sales managment or publication - n then that will REAAAALY bury the mood.

and whomever wish to use any artwork of mine (comic or yeekeru10), just use it - I wont charge, unless you want me to print it - as a card or just plain A4 color.

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