Sunday, October 25, 2009

Final in 3 days

Bismillahirahman Ar-Rahim.

Huge thanks to those who's done the survey.May Allah reward you plenty. Jzk khair.
I'm typing with my left hand, while my right hand smudged with kicap kipas udang, rice n egg - being an architecture student require me to be VERY multitasking - i'm listening to songs while thinking what to write right now. the only thing i fail to accomplish as an architecture student is to stay up in long hours, forget about staying up the whole week.

Ya Allah grant me with me with ability to withstand the harshness of architecture...

The count down to 3...Oh my GOD.
Sneak preview of the project: maseh blom alter lg :P

the site: the existing Archit Buildg in Melb Uni

staff courtyard

 on ground level

on 3rd level

We have to do a 2 minutes presentation that tells the whole project. How do you compact all semester-long-hard-work in just 2 minutes? It feels like I'm in entertainment industry - actor doesn't show their hardwork to make great movies, eh?

So, insyaAllah this is my 2 min words. It'll be great if someone who are better in words to edit this for me ^_^ (kak tmc ke, kek eni ke...or who ever..hehehe):

HyperComplex is  a design that interpret the Melbourne Model and also suggesting a new learning environment for architecture students and staffs. The intention is to promote architecture through 'window shopping'.Thus my design strategy is to emulate hypermarket + shopping complex concept in a big box on the site. It may sound radical to use a commercial building in university context, however HyperComplex is suitable to adopt the Melbourne Model where architecture can be promoted in a familiar way to the public (display in shopping complex) and architecture students can be both 'retailers' + 'customers'.


  1. Uik dah habih la ye.
    So much of me cracking head over the ever so stressful dentistry; I should have looked at you as an example and be somewhat thankful about my current condition.
    Having to come out with ideas pheww susah tu. Kalau tak keluar, until roosters lay egg pon tak keluar le idea kan.
    As for me all material terbentang depan mata; tinggal nak baca and hafal je.
    You are one strong girl Jamilia; you can be a pillar of strengths to others

  2. uuuh...tinggi btol2 cita2...amiiin...smoga mnjadi kenyataan