Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I need your help

Salam n Good Day,

If u would be kind enough to answer the poll on the left hand side, it would be great.
Thanks for your time!

It's for my current studio - Melbourne Uni New Architecture& Planning Building.
According to the Melbourne Model that they just implement recently, students who want to do architecture need to go thru 3 years of degree of environment.

so it's like 3 yrs environment + 2 years of Master of Architecture/Landscape/etc
They can go to 11 major after the 3 years.
So this building I designing is becoming like a hypermarket+shopping complex where architecture is being promoted.

So my building is 'customer-friendly' where other student can 'window shopping' and architecture student can occupy the building in an efficient way (given that hypermarkets allow you have everything in one go).

But what I need to know is what program/function will normal people or architecture student would like to go, or see? or what function attract them more to get into a building.

So that''s why I've created the poll.

Once again, thank you for your time.
Jazakallahu khair


  1. dah buat! ada dpt cekelat ka? kihkihihik

  2. haha..ikhlas ke x ni? :P
    nanti2 laa ye...hehe.

  3. Salam.do post your projects here so that we can have some good input+comments.I believe you have really2 great ideas+potential.

  4. sounds complicated but impressive. left brainer and right brainer can never speak the same language i guess. All the best with your project