Thursday, July 14, 2011

Permenant Head Damage ?

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim

Alhamdulillah, nearing the end of my contract of my first job - I wonder why didn't I do practical training during my student years; oh, my parents forced asked me to be the stand-in maid during my 3 months summer breaks. But what's done is done. Let Bygone be bygone. (Bygone is also a mosquito spray brand). No use of regretting how you spent your time in the  past. Just work for a better today and tomorrow.

So getting to the present. While working as a research officer in KALAM,  I've got in touch with many knowledgeable individuals in architecture realm. I'm having different thought on history of architecture now (why just now?!). After I spent 5 years of architectural studies, I decided that being an architect is not my thing. being an architect means you won't be your own boss for the next 10 years after graduating. I'm not that patient to wait for the time I'm my own boss. i also realize that I'm a 'teacher' person rather than a 'professional' person. I can teach people to get better, but I'm always incapable to get the best out of myself (or it's just due to my procrastination and laziness self).

So people, I'm going to further my study to PHD. In hoping to become a lecturer, with the idea of re-positioning from KRIM to PEMBINA in 5 years time insyaAllah (although I might be sent to WANITA section at that time, haha) So PRAY FOR ME, DEAR FRIENDS AND FAMILY

The topic? I've got lots of topic in mind that I feel I wanna do. Can I do 3 PHDs? - of course not at the same time. I haven't done any serious reading for so long and the color of my Master result was not really flying :P . So it won't be a smooth ride. So again PRAY FOR ME, DEAR FRIENDS AND FAMILY

Okay, this is a reminder for me actually; topics in discussion:

1. How to implement architectural heritage/traditional architecture to contemporary design? [tag: design, design formula]
2. Teaching History in Architectural Course/Studio? [tag:education, history]
3. How to implement the values of traditional village into modern housing estates? [tag: design, urban,planning, housing]

Ya Allah, please guide me to the straight path. 

So, if you have any comment/idea about which topic should I do, it is most welcome.

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